ZERG Zero Electromotive Repulsion Generator

The ZERG generator uses new magnetic field balancing technology which allows higher power output, with lower torque.


Output Wave
Peak Power
150KW (Scalable)
Axial Flux, segmented
295kg / 650lbs
34” L x 34” Dia
Third party verified by Intertek. Successfully reviewed by the US Department of Energy and The US Department of Innovation.

Speed RPM test

Type of Load
RPM Measured
Shorted output
10 Ohm resistor
Open Circuit (no load)
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x2> Fuel efficiency

Zero Magnets Required

150KW > MW Peak Power

ZERG can be scaled from small alternators to megawatt sizes

Perfect for a wide variety of use-cases and industries. Reach out to us to learn more about ZERG's scalability and flexibility

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ZERG will allow wind turbines to be built smaller, requiring less wind velocity for the same power output.
ZERG will enable hydro generators to be manufactured smaller with greater output.
ZERG enables smaller nuclear reactors, using less toxic fuel for the same output of today's reactors.
ZERG technology has major implications for both charging electric vehicles and EV motor systems.

The day the world of energy changed

We have demonstrated a generator which is impervious to loads. Now third party verified by Intertek and fully reviewed by the U.S Department of Energy. Proven, Ready!

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