MEIM Magnetic Electric Impulse Motor

The MEIM motor uses new magnetic field technology which makes it the most energy efficient electric motor ever invented.


EV Motor
400-800 DC
Peak Power
≥ (Scalable)
Peak Torque
1257.52 Nm (927.5 foot-pound)
Max Speed
21,800 rpm
Axial Flux
9.5kg / 43lbs
10" L x 7" Dia
Based on actual build. Torque and RPM based on proven patented magnetic multiplying field strength technology. Successfully reviewed by the US Department of Energy and The US Department of Innovation.
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50% > Ranges

20x Faster Charging

Zero DC to AC Converter

MEIM can be scaled from small alternators to megawatt sizes

Perfect for a wide variety of use-cases and industries. Reach out to us to learn more about MEIM's scalability and flexibility

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Announcing the
Next Generation EV Motor

DC to AC a thing of the past DC to AC Converter no longer required
Smaller Battery Faster more efficient charging
with longer ranges
Power meets efficiency Greater Torque

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