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The new industry
KING maker

We are becoming the new industry King maker. GLIP's ZERG technology uses far less torque under any load demand as Intertek testing verified.

This means less fossil fuel burned, less wind velocity required, or less water pressure needed. It will make wind turbines smaller, quieter. Nuclear power stations will use less nuclear fuel, with greater output. Hydro stations can produce far greater energy with the same amount of water pressure.

Intertek also verified that the AC sine wave output is normal. This was done without any voltage regulator or other device. The AC sine wave output came straight from the primary coils. So, it can be easily adapted into any grid, house, or machine.

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ZERG Zero Electromotive Repulsion Generator

The ZERG generator uses new magnetic field balancing technology which allows higher power output, with lower torque.

The next generation EV Motor

Successfully reviewed by the US Department of Energy the MEIM Magnetic field bending technology replaces KW with gauss. This results in better torque, better RPM, but uses over 50% less kw! It’s a whole new math.

The technology can be configured and scaled anyway that fits your requirements. From EV’s to industrial motors.

Motor can also be configured in Axial flux or radial design.

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MEIM Magnetic Electric Impulse Motor

The MEIM motor uses new magnetic field technology which makes it the most energy efficient electric motor ever invented.

We are going distances never before achieved

MEIM Powered & Charged
Using magnetic field bending technology we created an EV motor like no other.
ZERG Charged in Flight
On board charging and ground charging will mean longer distances
ZERG x MEIM Together at last
Powering electric trains while reducing strain on the city grids.
Electric bikes and EV cycles
Our technology will provide innovation and new possibilities for electronic bike/cycle recreation.
Power meets efficiency Greater Torque
Smaller Battery Faster more efficient charging
with longer ranges
DC to AC a thing of the past DC to AC Converter no longer required

Our Mission Our goal is to revolutionize the industry
of motors and generators

MEIM electric aircraft motor, coming soon. It will change the aircraft industry.

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