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Office of the President

GLIP Generation Corporation, is announcing plans to start manufacturing ZERG Generators and MEIM motors in Canada within the next 18-24 months.

"We’re ready to build ZERG. We have had so many people ask us where we can buy one, today we came to the decision it's time to break ground." GLIP President DJ Whittaker stated.

Canada will be the first choice of manufacture, but orders are expected to be taken from around the world.

The focus will be on supplying individual homeowners and building complexes with ZERG generators. Homes and building complexes will still be able to use the grid as a back-up system if ever needed. The plan is suspected to reduce power cost, both in heating and electricity by some 80%. Black-outs would be a thing of the past. Unlike solar it will be a consistent reliable power source, rain, or shine. It will also be more affordable.

ZERG home generating will be wi-fi ready. Operating and billing will be done all online.

ZERG generators are magnet-less and use only a fraction of fuel compared to normal generators.

GLIP Generation is still interested in partnerships and licencing agreements for the technology. Anyone interested can contact GLIP Generation through the official company website.

We are ready to take the next step with you.

We can't wait to take the next steps with you. We are interested in licensing opportunities and investment partnerships.

We are able to drop our products into any R&D project, giving your company a head start on the competition. We have received verification from one of the largest and most advanced testing and certification companies in the world and fully reviewed by the US DOE.

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