US Department of Energy acknowledged magnetic field technology breached over unity.

"G.L.I.P has developed a new e-motor/generator design that produces more kw from less kwh." - Wayne Killen US Department of Energy.

The US Department of Energy has recently been introducing G.L.I.P. Generation’s new breakthrough in magnetic fields to major players in the industry, including the US military.

ZERG, which stands for Zero Electromotive Repulsion Generation, uses the natural back EMF for extra forward energy. Intertek data shows ZERG’s rpm increased when a load was added. This demonstrated that torque was falling as load was increasing. ZERG was also adding some forward mechanical energy ’motor like’ as current output increased.

Intertek report page 3. '[drive] … Motor runs faster when a load is added on the output of the generator.'

"It's not a white board theory anymore, we built it" - G.L.I.P. President DJ Whittaker explained.

The technology breaks the barriers on EV range and charge time as well. MEIM uses a similar ZERG magnetic field manipulation. MEIM is essentially a pulse motor. But unlike a pulse motor, MEIM's magnetic fields are present in the non-energized phase. MEIM replaces kilowatts with gauss, resulting in EV's traveling longer distances with smaller batteries.

Whittaker went on to add, “This will have a great impact on the world stage. But there is nothing that will affect world economies more then climate change. Fusion, if its even possible is decades away. Our technology is built and ready for this decade.”

Why G.L.I.P. Generations David Joseph and not the scientific community?

David Joseph has an answer to that, “True, I am not a trained scientist or engineer. But they don’t have schools for inventors or give doctorates in invention. Maybe they should. But as the adage goes, and as we all know, ordinary people sometimes do extraordinary things. I just happen to be that ordinary person, with a great partner.”

The ZERG technology can be configured and scaled as required. Its wide application goes from mega projects to individual house and building generators. The view is the grid will be there only as a back up. Military applications such as nuclear subs can use both the MEIM and ZERG. MEIM is adaptable to all land based EV’s plus plains, trains, ships etc.

Mr. Whittaker summed it up this way, “We’re taking on the sacred cow of science. It is hard getting your mind around something you were told was impossible, but now is staring at you. We don’t expect the science community to lay down palm branches for us any time soon. But average people, I suspect are ready to say hosanna to a new king, if it means longer EV ranges and greener power today.

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